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Understanding Gemini and its Google Meet Features!

Gemini (formerly known as Bard) is Google's latest AI venture and is a suite of advanced models and tools designed to push the boundaries of generative AI. Developed by Google's DeepMind and Google Research, Gemini comes in three versions:

  1. Gemini Ultra: This is the powerhouse of the Gemini family, boasting top-tier performance.

  2. Gemini Pro: A lighter version of Gemini, offering solid performance with slightly fewer bells and whistles.

  3. Gemini Nano: The smallest member, optimized for mobile devices like the Pixel 8 Pro, ensuring efficiency without compromising quality.

How Does Gemini Stand Out from its Competitors?

What makes Gemini stand out is its native multimodal capabilities. Unlike previous models like LaMDA, which focused solely on text, Gemini can seamlessly handle audio, images, videos, and diverse codebases alongside text data.

This versatility opens up a world of possibilities, enabling Gemini to understand and generate content beyond just written text. Whether it's analyzing images, processing audio, or generating code snippets, Gemini excels in various tasks thanks to its comprehensive training on multimodal datasets.

As Google continues to refine and expand Gemini, it promises to revolutionize how we interact with AI across different mediums, setting a new standard for generative models.

How Can One Use Gemini with Google Meet

Create Personalized Backgrounds

Apart from the already available backgrounds in Google Meet, Gemini allows you to create a personalized one. 

  • Just like one would use DALL-E or any other AI Image generator, one can describe a preferred background and it will be generated via Gemini in various styles as displayed above.

(Do note that this feature is relatively new, and may only be available for some users.)

Taking Notes via Gemini AI

Google has unveiled a groundbreaking addition to Google Meet called "Take notes for me," an innovative feature part of Workspace Labs, an exclusive program for testing AI-driven functionalities via Gemini. This advancement aims to revolutionize meeting efficiency through artificial intelligence. Here's what to anticipate:

  1. Automated Note-taking: In real-time, Google Meet will harness AI to automatically record meeting notes, effortlessly storing them in Google Docs for convenient access and sharing among attendees.

  2. Action Item Recognition: The AI system will intelligently identify and generate action items from meeting discussions, facilitating task tracking and ensuring follow-ups are prioritized.

  3. Catch-Up Convenience: If you join a meeting late, fret not. With the "summary so far" feature, you can swiftly grasp the ongoing discussion's gist, keeping you in the loop with ease.

  4. Post-meeting Recap: Once the meeting wraps up, expect a comprehensive summary of meeting notes and action items. This summary fosters alignment among participants regarding key points discussed and assigned tasks.

To check if you have access to Workspace Labs features, simply initiate a new Google Meet and scout for the "Take notes for me" button at the meeting window's top right corner. Given its gradual rollout, some users may not immediately have access to it.

Before diving into utilizing the "Take notes for me" feature, consider the following:

  1. Host Management Setting: If Host Management is enabled, only designated hosts can toggle the feature on/off. This centralized control ensures that authorized individuals manage this functionality.

  2. Language Requirement: Meetings must be conducted in spoken English for the feature to function accurately. This ensures precise capture and processing of meeting discussions.

  3. Supported Devices: Presently, the feature is available solely on computers or laptops. While expansion to other devices is plausible in the future, for now, desktop or laptop access is requisite.

With these considerations in place and the necessary settings configured, users can seamlessly leverage the "Take notes for me" feature to elevate productivity and streamline meeting proceedings within Google Meet.

So, how does one employ the "Take notes for me" feature?

  1. Access Google Meet: Launch on your computer

  2. Select a Meeting: Pick the meeting where you wish to activate the note-taking feature.

  3. Activate "Take notes for me": Click on the "Take notes for me" option at the screen's top right corner.

  4. Inform Participants: Once activated, notify all meeting attendees that Gemini in Meet is being used for note-taking. Google Meet automatically alerts participants, displaying a blue pencil icon on their screens.

  5. Choose Note-taking Options: Opt for either creating a new document for meeting notes or selecting an existing document, or creating a new one.

(Note: If you create a new document, keep in mind that it's subject to your domain's Google Drive retention policies, not Google Meet's retention policies.)

Manage Notes:

  • If your meeting is recurring, you'll need to re-select the document for meeting notes.

  • You can edit or delete generated action items directly from the "Take notes for me" popup by clicking on them.

  • Manually refresh the "Summary so far" to catch up on what's been discussed in the meeting.

  • Stop and restart taking notes: All meeting participants can stop taking notes at any time. This allows you to ensure that any confidential or sensitive discussions aren't included in the meeting summary.

By following these steps, you can efficiently use the "Take notes for me" feature in Google Meet to streamline your meeting processes and keep everyone on the same page.

After concluding the meeting, here's what happens with the notes:

  1. Email with Meeting Notes: The meeting organizer and the person who activated the "Take notes for me" feature will receive an email containing the generated meeting notes. This ensures that a record of the discussion is accessible to relevant parties for reference.

  1. Temporary Notice in Meeting Notes: Initially, the meeting recap won't be immediately available. Instead, there will be a temporary notice within the meeting notes stating, "Meet is taking notes and will produce a summary with action items and other meeting details." This informs participants that the summary is being processed and will be provided shortly.

By following these steps and understanding the post-meeting procedures, users can effectively utilize the "Take notes for me" feature in Google Meet to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration during and after meetings.

Are there any Alternative Tools for Gemini in Google Meet?

Gemini, as its coming from a tech giant like Google, may seem like a reliable tool. But its still relatively new and comes with its own limitations. As mentioned above, Gemini has several benefits, but it lacks by a significant amount in the Google Meet aspect. The features are impressive, sure. But, they don’t particularly stand out. 

If you’re looking to switch gears from Gemini for your meeting transcription needs? Enter meetXcc – your new, sleek alternative that's making waves in the world of AI assistants. it's like Gemini but with a snazzy twist and a focus on your privacy. Plus, there’s a whole new added advantage as it comes as a Chrome Extension to your browser. 

Here's why meetXcc might just steal the spotlight:


  • Transparent Features: No sneaky bots or external gimmicks here. With meetXcc, you're the master of your domain, controlling who gets a peek at your meeting magic. Your secrets stay safe with you.

  • One Subscription, Infinite Sharing: Say goodbye to seat restrictions. With meetXcc, your subscription covers everyone and anyone in your circle. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all.

  • Privacy Priority: No unwanted guests crashing your virtual party. It's just you and your crew, keeping things cozy and confidential. Plus, your transcripts cozy up in Google Drive without any pesky middlemen.

  • All-Inclusive Pricing that Won't Break the Bank: Why pay extra for bells and whistles? meetXcc's Pro version delivers unlimited meetings, notes, and mind maps all bundled together for a sweet deal. No surprises, just savings.

  • Feature-Rich Free Version: Even if you're just dipping your toes in, the free version of meetXcc packs a punch. Speaker ID, highlights, and AI auto summarization for up to 10 meetings? Talk about bang for your buck.


Web-Only Access: For now, meetXcc is strictly browser-bound. Sorry, mobile app enthusiasts – you'll have to wait for your turn. But fear not, it's smooth sailing on Chrome.

Pro Version Perks:

Unlimited Everything: Unlock the Pro version for a mere $8 a month and dive into a world of unlimited meetings, seats, and all the bells and whistles you could ask for. Slack integration and direct Google Drive saves included – no strings attached.

Why is meetXcc Different?

  • Privacy First: Your peace of mind is meetXcc's top priority. No unwanted distractions, just pure, unadulterated focus on what matters.

  • Comprehensive Features: From spotting speakers to picking out highlights and whipping up AI summaries, meetXcc's got your back with all the tools to streamline your meetings.

  • Affordable Pricing: No hidden fees, no fine print. meetXcc's Pro version offers unbeatable value, making it a no-brainer for individuals and teams alike. So why wait? Give meetXcc a whirl and see the difference for yourself.

Which one to choose? Gemini Pro or meetXcc?

Choosing between meetXcc and Gemini Pro depends on your priorities. 

If you value privacy and transparency, meetXcc shines with its focus on user control and confidentiality. With features like unlimited sharing and comprehensive tools, it offers a robust meeting transcription solution. 

On the other hand, if you prioritize integration and versatility, Gemini Pro might be your go-to, especially if you're already embedded in their ecosystem. Ultimately, consider your needs: meetXcc for privacy-conscious users seeking simplicity, or Gemini Pro for those craving seamless integration and extensive features.


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