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Silently Capturing
Core Insights


Turn Meeting into Mind Maps

Our AI analyzes your meeting and creates summaries based on key topics, speakers, and when important points were raised during the meeting.


Your Meetings, Your Data

Immediately after your meeting ends, meetXcc can automatically save all your meeting data directly to your personal Google Drive.


No Bots Needed

Tired of awkward external bots in your meetings?

Record meetings invisibly with meetXcc- No bots, no fuss


Your Complete Meeting Toolkit

Access transcripts, notes, summary maps, and memos — all in one unified hub.


Say Goodbye to Hidden Costs

Unleash unlimited AI summaries without the sting of hidden charges


Invisible Power, Visible Results

Invisible when you need it,

accessible when you want it

- you're in control

How it works

How it works

1. Start a meeting

meetXcc pops up as soon as you start a new meeting in Google Meet. No bot join. Only you can see.


 Accurately capture and transcribe meeting discussions in real-time. Support 86 languages as google meet.

3.Boost Productivity 

Use AI to generate unlimited meeting summary, action items and meeting mind map . 




  • 10 meeting

  • Speaker identification

  • Highlights

  • AI auto summarize

  • AI meeting helper

  • AI Mind Map


$8 / mo

  • Unlimited meetings

  • Speaker identification

  • Highlights

  • Screenshot (Coming soon)

  • Ai Chat Save

  • Unlimited AI auto summarize

  • Unlimited AI meeting summarize

  • Unlimited AI Mind Map

  • Google Dirve export and save(Coming soon)

Our Clients Say

Shy Portrait
“Since using the meetXcc, our executive meetings have become much more focused and productive. We can now easily track our progress and make informed decisions. ”

Robert Rose, Product Designer



Is my use of this service known to others?

No, only you have visibility of it. Get live transcriptions without an AI bot joining the meeting.

Is my information secure?

Your information remains strictly confidential and is never shared with any third parties.

When can I expect to receive the meeting notes?

It takes just 1 minute. They will be automatically sent to your email and also displayed on the website.

What languages google meet support?

Google Meet support

English, Dutch​, French​, German

, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin (Traditional) (coming soon), Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil)

, Romanian, Russian, Spanish (Mexico),  Spanish (Spain), Thai , Turkish , Vietnamese

Can I personalize my prompts?

Yes, you have the flexibility to add more prompts or include additional questions within one prompt, and the AI will respond accordingly.

Which AI provider do you utilize? What platform you support.

We utilize Anthopic Claude. Now support Google Meet.

Download Now

Download now and transform the way you manage meetings. Get started with a free 10 meeting trial and experience the power of effortless meeting summaries.

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