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Otter Pricing Explained After All

Do you wish to try's transcription services but find their pricing plans a bit like cracking a code? Don't worry; that’s where we come to play! Let's walk through Otter AI's pricing together, decoding each plan so you can pick the perfect fit for your needs without the headache.

Is There a Free Option?

Yes! Otter AI offers a Basic plan that won't cost you a dime. It's great if you’re just trying to make the most out of your online meetings. With the Basic plan, you get:

  • 1 License: Perfect for solo explorers.

  • 300 Minutes Monthly: Plenty for light transcription needs.

  • 30 Minutes per Meeting: Enough for shorter discussions.

  • Unlimited Live Captions: Stay on top of every word in real time.

  • Meeting History: Keep track of your recent meetings (up to 25).

  • Automated Meeting Notes: Get summaries for Google Meet, Teams, and Zoom meetings.

  • Standard Support: Help when you need it.

Ready for More?

If you're ready to explore further, the Pro plan might be your next step. Here's what it offers:

  • Up to 5 Seats: Ideal for small teams.

  • 1,200 Minutes Monthly: More transcription time for your money.

  • 90 Minutes per Meeting: Longer discussions are no problem.

  • Expanded File Support: Import and transcribe more audio/video files.

  • Enhanced Features: Playback speed control, skip silence option, and more export formats.

  • OtterPilot Assistance: Virtual AI support in your meetings.

  • Standard Support: Still there for you whenever you need help.

Growing Your Team?

For larger teams, the Business plan steps in with even more features:

  • Up to 25 Seats: Scale up without worries.

  • 6,000 Minutes Monthly: Plenty of transcription power for everyone.

  • 4-Hour Meetings: Handle marathon discussions effortlessly.

  • Bulk Export: Streamline your workflow with ease.

  • Prioritized Support: Get the assistance you need, pronto.

Enterprise Solutions?

If you're part of a big enterprise craving top-notch security and customization, Otter AI has you covered with their Enterprise plan. Custom pricing tailored to your organization's needs awaits, including Single Sign-On (SSO) and organization-wide deployment options.

Special for Students and Educators!

Are you a student or teacher eager to harness the power of Otter AI? You're in luck! Enjoy a 20% discount on Pro plans with a .edu email address. Here's what you can snag:

  • Otter Pro Annual: $6.67 per month (billed annually)

  • Otter Pro Monthly: $13.59 per month

Drawbacks to Using Otter AI

  • While Otter is a highly efficient tool that seamlessly performs its expected tasks, a notable feature of it is that it integrates a bot that they call OtterPilot” into your meeting which it needs to function. 

  • When you record with Otter, it captures only the audio, not the video. Once your meeting is done, Otter quickly generates a transcript. 

  • The tool can record the voices of both the host and participants. It usually labels each speaker with their name and automatically updates the transcript to match each person's voice. You don't have to tag speakers all the time—Otter usually figures it out fast, although sometimes it might need a little help.

Otter AI Alternatives You Should Try! meetXcc

Looking for an alternative to Otter AI for your meeting transcription needs? Meet meetXcc – a user-friendly, privacy-focused AI meeting assistant that's shaking up the game. It’s available as a convenient Chrome Extension! Here's why it could be your go-to choice:


  • Transparent Features: Unlike Otter, meetXcc does not use any bots or external features in your meeting, allowing you to have complete control and security over who has access, and how you want your information to be portrayed. No one know you use this tool.

  • One Subscription for All Your Needs: Unlike Otter AI, which provides a upto 5 seats with a pro plan. With meetXcc, you can share your account with unlimited people, which ensures a seamless experience. 

  • Privacy Priority: With meetXcc, you won't have to worry about unwanted attendees crashing your meetings. It's just you and your team, ensuring a comfortable and confidential environment. This application supports saving all your transcripts in Google Drive without requiring any other 3rd party storage provider.


  • All-Inclusive Pricing and Cheap: The Pro version offers unlimited meetings, meeting notes, and mind maps for a single, all-in-one price. Otter Business plan cost $20 USD, meetXcc only $8 USD


  • Feature-Rich Free Version: Even the free version packs a punch, with speaker identification, highlights, and AI auto summarization for up to 10 meetings – perfect for occasional users.


  • Web-Only Access: Currently, meetXcc is accessible only via web browsers, with no support for mobile apps. However, it's optimized for Chrome, ensuring smooth performance on desktops and laptops.

Pro Version Benefits:

  • Unlimited Everything: Upgrade to the Pro version for just $8 per month and enjoy unlimited meetings, seats, AI auto summarization, and speaker identification, slack integration, and the ability to save files directly to Google Drive – no caps, no restrictions.

What Sets meetXcc Apart:

  • Privacy First: Unlike other tools that may add unwanted bots to your meetings, meetXcc prioritizes your privacy, ensuring a distraction-free experience.


  • Comprehensive Features: From speaker identification to highlights and AI auto summarization, meetXcc offers everything you need to streamline your meeting process.


  • Affordable Pricing: With transparent pricing and no hidden costs, meetXcc's Pro version provides excellent value for money, making it an attractive option for individuals and teams alike.

meetXcc presents a compelling alternative to Otter AI, offering a user-friendly interface, privacy-focused approach, and feature-rich functionality at an affordable price point. While it may currently lack mobile app support, its web-based platform ensures accessibility and reliability across devices. If you're looking for a hassle-free, all-inclusive meeting assistant, meetXcc has got you covered. Try it.


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