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Budget-Friendly Brilliance: Tactiq Pricing Solutions for Maximum Value!

Updated: May 3

If you’re confused with the pricing plans offered by Tactiq, you’re not the only one.

These billing hassles are an unfortunate reality that the average user has to face. 

When looking for a simple transcription virtual assistant to make their life easier, they are faced with lists of complicated payment plans that do anything but.

Now, no one can deny the many features Tactiq provides for its users so they can have smooth collecting of all the crucial insights of their meetings or classes, but at what cost? 

Surly, large enterprises with hundreds of employees conducting several meetings and interviews on a daily basis can work their way through the complex payment plans and have annual registrations.

But what about an average college student trying to find a cost-friendly, easy-to-use tool to help them with their occasional meetings and classes?

Here are the main problems with Tactiq pricing:

  • A list of  variables that make it harder for a startup or average user to decide which plan is suitable for them

  • Lack of transparency as users are not sure about what features they’re actually getting for the price

  • The starting prices are not affordable for several users.

Tactiq is surely a great assisting tool, but many similar software don’t have such problems. For example, meetXcc is an excellent alternative with comparable features to Tactiq but a fairly simple pricing plan. Starting from $8/ mo

So, are you ready to break down the mystery of Tactiq pricing?

meetXcc understands the need for an easy-to-use and budget-friendly subscription tool for regular use. Thus, provides features such as personalized notes, transcription summaries, AI assistance and whatnot with a transparent subscription plan. The services provided by meetXcc's $8 plan are comparable to the $20 pricing plan for Tactiq. 

Features offered by Tactiq

Before we dive into the array of features that Tactiq provides, we will highlight one of the new additions to their services that have gained fast popularity. 

Integration of ChatGPT

With the rapid increase in Ai bot users, Tactiq remained in the race and installed the power of ChatGPT in its software to offer advanced functionality. The primary function this allowed was the ability of users to ask questions regarding the transcript content during the meeting.

Now, moving on to the core tactic features

Real-Time Transcriptions

Gone are the days when you had to vigorously write on your notepad, trying to match the speed of everyone's speech in an attempt to make sure to get all the important details. Tactiq offers Real-Time Transcriptions that jot down every word spoken in the meeting in real-time and also provides speaker identification.

Ai-Powered Summaries

Suppose you’re short on time and have to go through the entire meeting materials, fret not. Tactiq provides AI-powered summaries of the transcript files collected during your meetings and even highlights the key points so you don’t have to speed-run material and possibly miss important details.

Action Items

Tactiq identifies potential action items and allows you to assign them to the members responsible. This feature helps keep the workflow smooth and also keeps an accountability check for individuals responsible for carrying out a specific task.

Reviewing Information

If there is a specific keyword you need to search for in the transcript notes, you can use the Tactiq ‘Search and Review’ feature to quickly locate and highlight with ease.


Tactiq also offers sub-features that allow its users to tailor its function according to their needs. These sub-features include tagging, meeting labels and autocorrection.

Versatile Integration

Organize your workspace and streamline your workflow by integrating Tactiq with several popular tools like Google Meet, Google Drive and Notion. Moreover, you can even add Tactqi as a Chrome extension and take advantage of its versatility.

So there are multiple features that Tactiq offers. However, this adds to the need for more clarity among users. The free trial offered by the Tactiq Chrome extension has limited features, so there is no way for users to test which feature to invest in this over-layered cake of features.

Free Plan features Vs Paid Plan

When you open the company page you are met with a comparative table between their free, pro and team plan. This organized chart is an attempt to make you understand the list of features available in each in the form of a checklist. This checklist, however, does the opposite job. 

The features present in the table are simply the list of the ones that ‘can’ be availed but hide the fact that you will have to pay for them separately based on several parameters that we will be breaking down in our Tactiq price plans below.

Thus, many who do not go through the entire billing process for individual features can be misled to pay for several add-ons they didn’t even require in their plan and end up being overcharged.

Tactiq Pricing Plans

Tactiq, with its slogan “Focus on the meeting, Let AI handle the notes,” gives us the notion that there is nothing for the reader to be concerned about. This confident claim also shows that if there is a problem, the Tactiq support system will handle it.

It is important that before we go into the pricing details, we go over the problems users commonly face with Tactiq.

Close to none customer service,” showing that if you did run into a problem, high chance is it would not be taken care of immediately. “Difficulty in integrating with platforms,” puts a question mark on its versatile function. These same concerns can be seen in almost every e-review section under Tactiq on product review sites.

The last time we checked, Tactiq had four working plans out of which three are the main plans and one is customized with different variables, target audiences and features. Moreover, all four had different monthly and annual payment plans and different saving margins. 

Free Plan

The free plan is more like a tutorial on the core features provided by Tactiq's paid plans. This plan has a limitation of 10 meetings every month and 5 Ai credits.

The basic features you can expect are automated AI-generated summaries, but you won’t get access to speaker identification and the ability to pause transcriptions whenever you want.

The 5 Ai credits you receive work like tokens. For each token, you can gain access to one of the premium AI features such as summarization, highlighting key insights, follow-up emails and real-time question suggestions relevant to the content.

Pro Plan

Tactiq has deemed its Pro plan as the most preferred choice for individual users such as remote workers and freelancers. And solo consultants working independently. 

The thing of concern here is their chart represents unlimited meetings, but the features for those meetings are limited. The plan mentioned on their site mentions the access to 10+ meetings and not unlimited. 

Moreover, the total number of AI credits for the Pro plan is also limited to only 10. This restriction makes the Pro plan only 5 AI credits different from the free plan.

The pricing for Preplan is $12/mo for one user. Their annual payment plan costs $96, which allows users to save 33%, making their monthly cost $8.

An important thing to note here is the targeted users for the pro plan mostly don’t use the plan for a whole year.

Team Plan

The team plan is for the bigger groups to utilize at the same time. It enables users to have unlimited meetings and AI credits for the whole month and also allows centralized billing, giving control to the selected admin.

 The plan, however, is costly and comes at a cost of $20/mo. The annual plan for the Team plan costs $200, and all users save 17%, making the monthly charges $16.7.

Enterprise Plan

This plan is for the bigger bags in the market. Enterprises with more than hundreds of users go for it. 

To get an enterprise plan, you have to contact the Tactiq team by filling out a form that requires all the basic questions, such as:

  • Your business email

  • Your full name

  • Your Job Title

  • Your Number of Employees

  • The Company Name

  • How the Tactiq sales team can help you

Series of Questions

To make the pricing process more fun and complex, Tactiq asks its buyers a series of questions that affect each plan’s pricing, so the amount you see in the plans is, many times, not the one you’ll receive in your invoice.

Let’s have a look at these variables:

Number of Meetings

The number of meetings can vary for individual users based on the nature of their work. For example, a remote worker who works as an HR needs to have way more meetings to conduct interviews on a daily basis compared to a freelance content writer who gives occasional job interviews.

Ai Credits

The number of AI credits you require can also vary. The free plan and Pro plan both offer different numbers of AI credits but are based on work. Some months, you may require an additional number, and thus the plan can vary based on the requirement.

User Access

If you go for the free or the pro plan, only you can have access to the account however, if you wish for your team members to have access to unlimited meetings and Ai credits, you need to upgrade to the team plan

If a single member on the team requires that feature, and you have a pro plan, then that member will have to upgrade to a pro plan from his card.

These questions put us in more of a thinking spiral, and at the end we still need clarification to figure out which plan is suitable for us.

Upgrading and Downgrading Plans

If you have studied the features and have decided to upgrade your plan from Free to Pro or Team, you need to follow the following procedure:

  • Go to the Tactiq main menu and select the account and settings option. This option will open the bar, and from there, select the Billing option.

  • From there, select the plan you wish to upgrade to and the billing method, and you’re done.

Note: For any plan, your card will be charged its amount immediately, and if you upgrade your plan to another plan, then the billing will be effective after the previous plan ends.

The procedure to downgrade your plan is similar to upgrading your Tactiq plan:

  • You go to your account settings and select the billing option

  • In the billing section, you can choose to cancel your subscriptions or downgrade to the Pro plan

Note: After cancelling your current subscription, you will still have access to your current plan features until the billing interval ends.

Alternatives for Tactiq

After having an in-depth breakdown of how Tactiq prices work, what additional charges you can expect, and how every feature can have an impact on your final invoice, it is clear that there are better options for a wide class of consumers.

Fortunately, Tactiq is only one of the many great transcription tools in the market. There are several other software that provide equally compatible value to their users, just minus the hassle of add-on overload and billing uncertainties.

meetXcc- Elevate your Meeting experience with AI-powered Assistance

meetXcc is the closest and most affordable software to Tactiq. It offers a wide range of highly useful features to make note-taking as efficient as it is with Tactiq, just minus the pricing hassle.

The following are the core features offered by meetXcc:

  • Real-time transcriptions of everything spoken during the meeting or class. This feature avoids the need for manual note-taking.

  • Feature to add personalized notes to the real-time transcriptions during the meeting.

  • Ai powered summaries to have all the key insights highlighted and summarized. This feature saves you from going over the entire transcript if you’re short on time. If the result is not good, you have unlimited try again.

  • Intuitive AI Mind Maps offered by meetXcc take the transcription experience to another level by giving a visual representation of the meeting content.

  • The real-time function in meetXcc allows you to quickly asking question for your transcripts.

  • It also can be smoothly integrated with Google Drive and Slack, and its add-on Chrome extension makes it usable with any web platform.

  • You can check example here.

The AI used by meetXcc is Anthropoic Claude, which has been tested to be more efficient than ChatGPT through several benchmark cognitive tests and is overall more articulate.

There are only two pricing plans that MeetXcc offers, and none of them includes a questionnaire of extra add-ons that makes your final invoice a wallet-threatening surprise.

The free plan has a limit of 10 meetings every month with Claude-powered AI assistance for all of them.

This plan is suitable for the average students and startup freelancers who do not require more than a few meetings every month.

Their Pro plan starts at just $8/ month with no additional cost for enhanced AI features, comparable to AI credits in Tactiq and allows users to enjoy a smooth meeting experience.

To Pen Off

Regardless of the hassle and pricing problems faced by Tactiq users, no one can deny its necessity in today’s rushed and busy life. But you can save yourself the unnecessary hassle and go for more user-friendly software like meetXcc.

The only difference is that with meetXcc, you’ll get the exact invoice that was stated in the pricing. No added confusion and a straightforward working process. So, before you decide to invest in any plan with Tactiq, get started with the free package for meetXcc and give it a try.


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