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meetXcc you must know

Introduce how meetXcc can help you.

meetXcc helps you stay focused during meetings in four ways:

1. Live Transcripts: meetXcc provides real-time transcripts during meetings so you can easily follow along with what's being said. This helps if someone's voice is unclear or you have language barriers.

2. Downloadable and sharable Transcripts: meetXcc automatically records transcripts of every meeting. You can download these or access them later on to review, take notes, and highlight key points. We store the transcripts so you can focus on the meeting.

3. AI Meeting Assistant: During meetings, meetXcc can use ChatGPT to automatically summarize long speeches or translate them for you. You can also manually select parts of the transcript and have ChatGPT summarize key info and capture essential points - like having a personal meeting assistant.

4. Meeting Brief: After meetings, the meetXcc meeting helper can provide you with a meeting brief - a summary of the key discussion points, decisions, and action items. You could add unlimited prompt to ask question about this meeting.

5.AI Mind Map: You could also get a visual meeting recap in the form of an AI-generated mind map. This mind map would be automatically generated once your meeting has concluded."

In summary, meetXcc helps you stay engaged in meetings by providing live and downloadable transcripts, real-time AI assistance, and post-meeting recaps. This allows you to actively participate without worrying about notetaking.

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