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How to Get Real-Time Summaries for Everyone's Talk

Effortlessly obtain real-time summaries of lengthy speeches during meetings with our Ai Chat autorun feature.

Ever find a speaker going on and on, making it hard to grasp their message? Harness the power of AI for real-time summarization with our Ai Chat autorun feature.

Here's how to set it up:

1.Create a Prompt: Visit our prompt page at and compose a prompt for summarization. For example, you can use "Summarize the following."

2. Enable Ai Chat Autorun: Head to the settings page and select the "AI Chat autorun" section. Ensure that the Auto run feature is switched on.

3.Choose Default Prompt: Select the prompt you created earlier as the default. You can also set the auto-run trigger length to determine when the system summarizes speech based on the number of words spoken.

Congratulations! Now, during your meeting, the system will automatically run the prompt when someone talks for an extended period. If needed, you can modify the prompt using the extension UI for flexibility.


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